Report Fraud & Get Help

Multiple government agencies on the local, county, state and federal levels are on call to take your reports and seek justice, while dedicated teams of county social workers and nonprofit staff are available to help manage the financial and legal fallout of a scam. Many national organizations have extensive resources available to assist you.

Short-Term: Contact Local Law Enforcement

In the event of a crime, fle a report with your local law enforcement agency. Below are non- emergency dispatch lines. If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

Medium-Term: Reach Out to Solano County Adult Protective Services (APS)

Adult Protective Services, a program of Solano County Older and Disabled Adult Services (ODAS), is responsible for the investigation and resolution of reports of abuse to elders and dependent adults when the abuse occurs outside of long-term care facilities. Types of abuse include physical, sexual, abandonment, isolation, financial, self-neglect and mental suffering. APS can provide assistance resolving complicated elder abuse cases that are outside the scope of local law enforcement.

  • Call 1-707-784-8259 during regular office hours or 1-800-850-0012 after
  • You can submit a confidential online report at and select Solano County.
  • If in a licensed long-term care facility, contact Ombudsman Services at (925) 685- 2070 or

Long-Term: Report to Regulatory Agencies

When possible, report fraud to federal regulatory agencies so that they can investigate large scam operations and keep track of trends.

In An Emergency, Always Call 911