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A new partnership for local nursing home/residential facility

Wicked Local Northwest - 1/13/2021

Jan. 9—As the patients and staff of the Elizabeth Seton Residence on Oakland Street got their first COVID-19 vaccinations on Jan. 6, a new administrative structure was in the process of being implemented.

The 84-bed Elizabeth Seton Residence, originally built for Sisters who needed nursing care, was granted a license in 1980 to operate a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility. The adjacent 76-bed Marillac Residence, formerly a rest home for religious women, was granted a license to open its facility to the general public in 2017. Both facilities are now open to people of all religious traditions, cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds.

While the existing administrators and staff will continue to run the facilities, the Sisters of Charity-Halifax will have the support of a not-for profit group called Legacy Lifecare. The Townsman asked the president and CEO of Legacy Lifecare, Adam Berman, how this will work.

Briefly, what is Legacy Lifecare?

Legacy Lifecare is a non-profit management resources collaborative which provides small-to-mid-sized organizations access to the infrastructure needed to succeed in today's complex world. With deep expertise in strategy, finance, operations and support systems management, Legacy Lifecare enables its not-for-profit affiliates to preserve their missions and identities while gaining access to sophisticated managerial services and collaborative opportunities ordinarily only available to larger organizations.

Why was this partnership initiated? When does it take effect?

It took effect on Jan. 1 of this year. The nursing home and rest home sectors have grown increasingly complex over the past five-10 years which makes it hard for single-site or smaller organizations to compete. Legacy is a network of non-profits that want to retain their identity, mission and governance while benefitting from a managerial infrastructure of a larger organization.

How will it be funded? What will the cost be?

This isn't public information. But there is reimbursement from the homes for the managerial services provided.

What are the advantages for the Wellesley facilities?

The most important advantage is that it'll allow on-site staff and leadership to spend more time focusing on what really matters: resident care. This is possible because Legacy Lifecare will help with many matters that are able to be centralized. There will be material financial benefits as well.

If all the administrative and line staff remain, will there be any overlap in responsibilities?

No. Legacy will provide support so on-site leadership can focus their responsibilities on resident care.

Anything else we should know?

Over 25% of Massachusetts nursing homes have closed over the past 15 years. Small non-profits throughout the country are closing or being swallowed up by larger, primarily for-profit organizations. Legacy Lifecare represents a new model for nonprofits that want to retain a level of independence while benefitting from the infrastructure necessary to operate in today's complex world.


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