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Publix recalls 11 ground beef products. There might be ‘plastic material’ in the beef

Miami Herald - 11/29/2023

The latest not-food-in-your-food recall comes from Publix, which recalled 11 beef products because there’s “the potential of plastic material” in the products.

The 11 products are Market Ground Beef and Market Ground Beef Burgers, sell by 11/27/23; and, with a sell by 11/28/23 on the packages, Ground Chuck; Ground Chuck Sliders; Lean Ground Beef (7% Fat); Ground Chuck Burgers; Ground Round (15% Fat); A/B Ground Chuck (20%); Ground Sirloin (10%); GW Ground Beef 92% lean; GW Ground Chuck (20% Fat).

Now, the good news: This involves only the above beef products sold on Sunday at the Publix at 5450 E. Busch Blvd. in the Tampa suburb of Temple Terrace.

If you have any of the recalled beef, return them to the store for a refund. Or, toss the meat in the trash.

Questions or comments about this recall can be directed to Publix at 800-242-1227.

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