CA AB 2837

Title: Civil actions: enforcement of money judgments.
Author: Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

AB 2837, as amended, Bauer-Kahan. Civil actions: enforcement of money judgments. Existing law defines what types of property are subject to and exempt from the enforcement of money judgments, as specified, including certain retirement plans. Existing law also requires judgment creditors seeking to enforce money judgments to provide notice to judgment debtors, as specified. Existing law provides rules for claiming exemptions from the enforcement of money judgments and provides requirements for the adjudication of such exemptions. Existing law defines “personal debt” for the purposes of renewing the period of enforceability of a judgment to mean money due or owing or alleged to be due or owing from a natural person arising out of a transaction in which the money, property, insurance, or services which are the subject of the transaction are primarily for the debtor’s personal, family, or household purposes.This bill would expand the types of retirement plans exempt from money judgments, as specified, and exempt such property to the extent necessary to provide specified support for, and satisfy tax obligations of, the judgment debtor. The bill would revise the enforcement provisions described above by requiring a judgment creditor to take additional steps to verify a judgment debtor’s address and provide notice of enforcement to a judgment debtor, by requiring a court to order the return of exempt property that has been levied upon, and limiting the time period during which an earnings withholding order may be enforced and the frequency with which such an order may be sought. The bill would require a financial institution to protect from levy cumulatively exempt funds belonging to the debtor and held in multiple accounts. The bill would generally apply these revised enforcement provisions to cases in which the judgment creditor seeks to enforce judgment based on recovery of personal debt described above.

In Senate. Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment.

Bill Documents
CA AB 2837 - 05/02/24 - Amended Assembly
05/02/24 - CA AB 2837 (05/02/24 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 2837 - 04/25/24 - Amended Assembly
04/25/24 - CA AB 2837 (04/25/24 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 2837 - 03/21/24 - Amended Assembly
03/21/24 - CA AB 2837 (03/21/24 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 2837 - 02/15/24 - Introduced
02/15/24 - CA AB 2837 (02/15/24 - Introduced)

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