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LETTER: Comment on Veterans Park fencing, roundabout

Peninsula Daily News - 9/11/2019

I would like to take some time to comment on two front page articles in the Sunday, Sept. 1, PDN.

First, the need to place a fence around the Liberty Bell at Veterans Park.

I completely understand and support the installation of the fence, but it's sad that it's needed.

As a 28-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, I find it deplorable that some people have nothing better to do than cause damage to public and private property.

Get a life, people. Show respect for public property and show respect for veterans.

Secondly, a traffic roundabout at the west end of the Hood Canal bridge.

I thought the idea was to ease traffic congestion there, not make it worse.

Planners must remember the large number of commercial trucks that use the bridge daily.

They cross the bridge at a reduced speed, then must move even slower around a roundabout and then proceed up the hill.

There is a passing lane, but having driven trucks on that route, I know full well that if one truck can go a half a mile an hour faster than another it will move into the left lane, thus causing a backup.

I just finished a drive to Los Angeles and back on I-5 and saw this happen hundreds of times.

The best solution would be an overpass across state Highway 104.

Paul Hampton,